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01/01/2014 - SECUREXPO 2014

In our participation in the SECUREXPO industry exhibition held at the Olympic Fencing Center on May 9-11, 2014 we had the opportunity to present our products to the alarms of Risco LightSYS, Agility, Sirsen detectors where he honored us with the presence of Mr. Sami Morelli. Trikdis GSMs that provide security systems communication solutions, as well as GSM RFCOM PROs manufactured to RFCOM specifications. We also introduced our new Vag 2xtwisted (2Xawg24) + 2x0,5 - & GAMO CCTV and Than 2xtwisted (2Xawg24) + 2x0,5 + COAX & GAMO cables. We have also introduced the new program for ACCESS Keptimer, a software that allows you to fully record and monitor through IRN products. Thank you for honoring us with your presence and we make an appointment for the next industry event with new products always at the cutting edge of technology.