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RFCOM is a Greek fast-growing importing company specialized in security systems. The commitment to her vision, the long-term experience and the profound know-how in the marketing and installation of security systems has established RFCOM as one of the leading companies in the field. We address to companies and technicians who require excellent value for money and a high level of service. Responding to the challenges of new technologies, it trains security technicians by supporting them practically in the ever-evolving field of security systems and thus making it a reliable partner. RFCOM only makes wholesale throughout Greece.

Operating Business
  • Marketing technologically innovative products and installation technical support on security systems.
  • Production of private label (RFPRO GSM) on behalf of RFCOM, in European manufacturer.
  • Improvement and adaptation of materials in accordance with the requirements of the Greek market, in cooperation with leading foreign suppliers, contributing in this way and in their own development.
  • Configuring applications for security systems, to provide integrated and user-friendly solutions.
Strategic Partners – Suppliers

RFCOM attaches great importance to the choice of her suppliers. The strict criteria that are set up also ensure the high quality of the products. It is a process that involves ongoing research and methodical briefing on developments in the industry.

Risco Group is an Israeli-based company that has been manufacturing Security Systems for 32 years. RFCOM has actively contributed to the development of these and Risco is also represented in Greece by RFCOM.
We represent the Italian company SIRSEN – SIMA and believing in her we covered the perimeter security with the best sensors in the area. We also import peripheral protection products from world leader OPTEX as well as the Italian company CST EUROPE for wireless solutions and more.
DAHUA, one of the most recognized in the CCTV sector, has cameras with state-of-the-art, ultra-high resolution and quality technology. Another prominent company in the sector is HIKVISION with products that cover even the most demanding facilities. Polish MPL, a rapidly growing European maker, has a wide range of cameras at your disposal. Camera technologies: IP, HDCVI, HD TVI, AHD. In the Starlight category, we have exclusive solutions for IP cameras "seen in the dark" with the award-winning Tiandy.
RFCOM's research and development team has developed its functionality TVT recorders, creating new standards for ease of use. In RFCOM you will also find the recordings of DAHUA and HIKVISION. These recorders provide the most sophisticated features for complete control and usability. The research and development team of RFCOM has provided the functionality recording of TVT, creating new standards in ease to use.

Trikdis is a European company specializing in the development and development of Communicators with the most advanced features.

RFPRO GSM is RFCOM's private label and is promoted with high success markers on the market. It is built according to the company's requirements to a European manufacturer, in order to offer maximum performance in communication.

MW is the world's largest manufacturer of high-end power supplies that fully cover CCTV and ALARM applications. Always pioneering we are developing our products. These new products were manufactured on our behalf and after our own study, in cooperation with MW. Our product range also includes high quality and proven in time UPS from IPS, as well as batteries, which for over 8 years provide consistent manufacturing quality.

Find solutions with Delta power supplies, a well-known manufacturer with extensive experience in this field.

We also represent Lande to cover your needs in the Rack Cabinet sector and Digitus products can provide to you with a complete installation.

We are pioneers in the manufacture of CCTV cables.
RFCOM, in cooperation with the Italian company Micro Tec, has built innovative cables for the global market, special high-specification with the highest standards set by its technical department. Continuing the study, we have also made new type of cables, always detecting the need for meaningful solutions at your installations.

In ACCESS we built and customized our own software that combined with the IRN European manufacturer's materials. We gave multiple solutions and usage options. In network products we work with them best Access Control manufacturers such as SOYAL and SES. On electronic locks we offer the most reliable solutions by choosing the Polish Bira.

The company’s site www.rfcom.gr, in addition to all the products and services provided, presents articles that the company has published in the press magazine and a variety of technical solutions. RFCOM's goal and concern is to adapt the technological future to the requirements of the present. To provide innovative products and specialized solutions, that in the hands of our customers will be a powerful competitive advantage.
RFCOM connecting the future.